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Classic Casual Games

Q-Bust is a remarkable and popular logic and skill game that has more advanced challenges than the Tetris game. The challenge is simply to complete as many missions as possible and collect enough points. However, the game requires players to have logic and skill in forming 3D shapes from different combinations and colors of cubes. Q-Bust gives players a maximum of 5 minutes to complete a mission and earn points by forming as many logical combinations as possible. It sounds easy right? Playing Q-Bust online is really fun since players can play against one another for real prizes.

How to play Q-Bust


Q-Bust is a mission game that requires logical fast thinking, since there is a time limit to beat and players must find the best possible combinations for each level.

play q-bust

When playing Q-Bust players have to use their expertise in creating three dimensional cube configurations; however, it is not as easy as the Jetrip formations. The difficulty increases with each level. The Q-Bust board is square, and players can see how many cubes of each color are available. Each cube dragged or introduced to the board has to hit another cube, which must be single to shift it to another position. If the cube does not fit on the board, the game ends automatically. The ability to plan strategic moves and form the right combinations will allow players to cruise through each level of Q-Bust successfully. The sooner players reach the next level, the better chances of gaining higher bonus points.

The number of points players receive depends entirely on how they played in the previous level. To gain maximum points in Q-Bust, players must erase all the 5 cube formations in each mission. They earn 25 extra points for including a star cube in each combination cleared from the field.

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