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Professor Mouse - a challenging word game

Professor Mouse is a classic informative game that remains a favorite past time activity. Playing Professor Mouse online gives players an adrenaline rush since there are more options for competing against other players. This gives players better challenges and a wider variety of entertainment. Players build their word power through the challenging requirements of the game, since each player should come up with as many words as possible. Professor Mouse becomes more interesting when each player has to come up with special words as a gate pass to the next level. The right side of the blackboard presents letters that should be included in the special words, thus there is a challenge for players to be creative enough to identify them.

Skills and Physics of the Game Professor Mouse

Professor Mouse logic game

Professor Mouse is one of the informative games that tests word power knowledge and requires fast thinking, since each of the 3 levels has a time limit of 150 seconds. Players have to build three or more letter words from letters that are adjacent to one another. Players cannot use the same words twice in each level. Every word created and submitted has to pass as a common word in English and must be a widely accepted word or a name of a popular city. The word game automatically ends once the 150 seconds lapse.

Professor Mouse play online

The Professor Mouse game has supportive options that aid players in identifying words. After submitting a valid 3-letter word, burning letters appear showing the position they should be in the required special words. A golden letter appears after a 4-letter word submission, which gives players chances of doubling their Professor Mouse points. Players should use the click option to activate the joker option in each level since this move might helps players restore any of the burnt out letters that were not used or help players identify one of the letters that should appear in the required special words.

After completing the 3 Professor Mouse levels, players get a chance to play an extra 90 seconds in the bonus round.