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Play Hearts online for free

Classic Online Card Games

Hearts has been a favorite past time game for many years. Three people can play the game; however, the ideal number is four players. When playing Hearts, the player’s objective is to avoid winning tricks containing hearts and the queen of spades and to get the fewest penalty points. Playing Hearts requires a standard deck of 52 cards; the cards have values that rank from Ace with the highest value to 2 with the lowest value. Playing Hearts requires that each player avoids getting penalties as each heart won in a trick incurs a penalty point and also, the queen of spades is worth 13 penalty points. The game might seem simple but it gets tricky when players try to help each other during the game. The game of Hearts ends once all rounds are completed. The winner is the player with the least amount of penalty points.

How to Play the Game


Anyone can play Hearts. The game is simple but it provides many breathtaking chances. Playing Hearts requires players to have strategies to win the game.

play hearts

Each Hearts player gets 13 cards to deal and play with. The game strategy requires smart moves to draw out the queen by leading other players into tricks. Scoring in Hearts depends on the number of tricks won in each round. The game of Hearts has many versions, most of which have different variations that help improve the excitement of the game.

Playing Hearts online has become very popular due to the convenience and access to a wider variety of versions of the game. Many sites allow individuals to play Hearts online for free. Players can play against the computer or for more excitement; players can quickly find opponents who are readily available to play online.