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Playing Bubble Speed Online

Bubble Speed is a fast-paced game that requires the player to shoot bubbles and collect as many diamonds as possible. In order to collect the diamonds the player must shoot their bubble from a cannon to make groups of three or more of the same color. At the start of the game, there are 35 seconds on the clock, in order to add time to the clock, diamonds must be released. For every diamond the player releases, an extra 10 seconds are added to the clock. The cannon that shoots the bubbles is at the bottom of the screen and the player can see which color is next directly to the left of the cannon.

Scoring the Most Points

Bubble Speed action game

For each bubble that a player pops, they earn 100 points. In order to increase the amount of points earned a player should aim high to create larger groups of bubbles to fall. Diamonds that are released are worth 3000 points and extra time on the clock. Causing a group of 15 or more bubbles to fall using one shot is worth a bonus of 5000 points.

Bubble Speed play online

Collecting diamonds is important for two reasons, the first is they are worth many points; the second is that they add time to the clock which extends the amount of time the player has to score points. When playing Bubble Speed, you do not need to perfectly aim each shot. This is because the player has an unlimited amount of bubbles to use so how many shots it takes to release diamonds is not important.

This game is all about shooting as fast as possible in order to release the next diamond before you run out of time. Using the walls to bounce bubbles will allow you to reach bubbles in the middle of the screen, which can lead to higher clusters of bubbles falling.