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Play Fluffy Birds online for free

An introduction to a game of Fluffy Birds

Fluffy Birds is a game that is quite easy to jump straight into, but possibly difficult to master. The purpose of the game is simple: There are rows and columns of birds of various colors that form the playing grid. The player’s purpose is to free as many birds as possible. In order to do that, he has to form a group of at least three birds with the same color. The player can drag a row or column of birds one at a time, thus rearranging the grid. The more birds the player frees, the more eggs appear on the playing grid. Once the eggs are freed as well, the game advances to the next level. The Fluffy Birds game is indeed a classic action puzzle, since the player has to rearrange a grid of pieces or pawns (birds), with a varying attribute (color). The action in the game is focused on the fact that there is a time limit to finish each level, so it requires intuitive, fast thinking.

How exactly is Fluffy Birds played?

Fluffy Birds action game

Here is some help on how to play Fluffy Birds: A group of birds consists of at least three birds together, either horizontally, vertically, or in an L-shape. Clearing a box of four birds will create a big birdy on the grid, which when formed into another group and cleared itself will earn extra points.

Fluffy Birds play online

Forming a group of five or more birds creates an electro-bird, with a visible crackling electrical field around it. When cleared, it will also clear all its adjoining birds. The number and color of birds that have to be freed are shown in the upper left corner.

Once that number is reached, an egg is added, and the process is repeated until at least three eggs have been cleared, advancing to the next level. If at any time you don’t make a move for a period of 10 seconds, a hint will appear.