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Classic Battleship Games

The Pirate Ships game remains a favorite among the classic battleship games. Players compete against each other to sink each other’s battleships. To play the battleships online game, there must be two players. The game is extremely captivating and it takes place in real time. The game allows players 90 seconds to prepare and position the battleships. If time lapses before setting them up, an automatic reset occurs and the game begins. The first player to finish arranging the ships gets to fire the first cannon. Accuracy is crucial since it remains one player’s turn until two cannons miss the target.

Skills and Dynamics of the Game


Pirate Ships requires fast thinkers and strategists, since the players have a limited amount of time to prepare for the battleship online game. How a player positions the battleships matters, since each target needs to be hard to find for opponents.

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Players should also make wise decisions, since each player has only one chance to use the parrot to "spy out" five fields of the opponent’s board in order to see if a ship is hiding there. This should be a tactical move to guarantee maximum points from single hits and series of hits. Leaving one battle field empty is the only rule that players must follow, however, players should always choose the random battleship positioning to ensure that they always have an edge over opponents.

As soon as one player finishes positioning the fleet of battleships, the player has 15 seconds to take the first shot. Players should always take the field to the right since it is always empty at the beginning of Pirate Ships. When firing, players must make sure to hit accurately. If a player misses twice the opponent gets a chance to fire at their fleet. A flag usually marks any accurate hit. The first person to sink the opponent’s entire fleet wins the battleship game.