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Magnoid is a modification of the block breaker game that requires paddle skills to clear blocks on various levels. The game has six different levels, which increase in difficulty with each one. Players are supposed to clear the blocks in the playing field. Different levels have different block arrangements. The speed of the orb (ball) used to break, the blocks increase as the game progresses. The Magnoid paddle enables players to control the direction of the orb used and prevents players from losing it.

Skills Required


Magnoid requires fast thinking to coordinate the paddle movement, determine the angles to hit the orb and control the power, which determines the speed of the ball. Playing the game is not rocket science; however, players are required to keep a keen eye on the orb. Players should always be in control to ensure that they do not lose a life by missing the orb. Magnoid has four paddle lives at the beginning.

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The number of lives is displayed at the bottom left-hand corner of the game. Players have chances of increasing lives during the game by hitting different blocks. There are some blocks that can also cost a paddle life, so it is important to keep an eye on these blocks. Either moving the mouse or the left and right arrow keys can control the Magnoid paddle. The orb direction depends on the hit from the paddle angle; quick reaction is required since the orb direction quickly changes after hitting the blocks.

Scoring points is easy in Magnoid since players just have to hit different blocks. The excitement increases throughout the game since there are some blocks that need to be aimed at to go to the next level. Some blocks help score maximum points and some blocks need to be totally avoided since they can cost a paddle life each time they are hit.