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Good old Darts in the digital age

A classic action game of skill, enjoyable worldwide in bars and arcades for decades. Almost the same thing as a regular darts game, Dart King differs in only a few details from the real thing. It might be a little confusing and frustrating to play darts online at first, but once someone picks it up, it’s bound to make a lasting impression, and become a regular game of choice. Each player starts with a score that has to become zero. To do that, darts are thrown at a round board which is clearly divided into different segments and rings. Each segment is assigned a score value. Wherever a dart lands, the relevant value is subtracted from the score. The game ends with a win when the score reaches zero, and with a loss if the time is up.

Skill is the key if you want to play darts


Darts is a game of skill, and Dart King simulates that reasonably well for a free online darts game. The mouse cursor is used to handle the throwing of the dart.

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By moving the mouse around, the hand with the dart moves in front of the dart board. By clicking and holding the left mouse button, a power bar appears with an indicator that moves between maximum and minimum power. The most accurate power point is in the middle of the bar. When the mouse button is released, the dart flies off with the power the indicator pointed to and lands somewhere on the board. Careful aim, precision, and reflexes must be combined to hit the board exactly where needed.

There is naturally a time limit involved, and all shots are counted for. The faster the score is reduced to zero, and the less darts used, the more bonus points awarded. Each level is progressively harder, since the time limit reduces. Each segment is clearly marked with a score value, but the rings have special values. The outer ring of the board has a double score value than the one indicated, while the middle ring has a triple score value. The small inner ring is worth 25 points, and the red bull’s eye is worth 50. The last shot has to be an exact score, for instance if 17 points are needed, scoring 18 points will not do.