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Play 9-ball solo online for free

A classic real-life action game

Pool or billiards is a favorite pastime and game that can be enjoyed solo, or against another player. Playing 9 ball pool online offers the same excitement with more control over the game. The purpose is deceivingly simple. Use the cue and the white ball to pot the balls in any pocket in the correct order, starting with ball no.1 and ending with ball no. 9. It sounds simple enough, but it can be quite tricky at times, since if the 9th ball is not the last one to end up in a pocket, the game ends automatically and the score stops where it is.

How to make the shots in a 9 ball pool game

A white ball selector with a green dot is used to indicate where the cue will connect with the white ball in order to spin the white ball to make curved shots. Power and angle are controlled via the mouse, and detailed control of the cue is simulated by pressing space and then using the cursor keys.


9-ball is an action game that requires skill and fast thinking, since there is a time limit too, as well as some physics involved. The player has to choose a correct angle and appropriate power to hit the white ball so itself in turn hits the appropriate ball in question each time. Not only that, but the ball has to be successfully placed in one of the pockets around the pool table.


The game continues from where the white ball stopped and then the next shot takes place, until the player pots all the balls in the correct order within the allotted time, or until one of the shots misplaces the 9th ball into a pocket and the game ends in defeat. To aid the player in each shot, there is a power indicator, as well as a vector cue indicating the point where the white ball will connect with another ball, and the direction in which the other ball will head.