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GameDuell Fairness Guarantee
The GameDuell fairness guarantee
  • Equal starting conditions. Both players get the same sets, cards or levels.
  • Fair matching. You can only play against opponents that have a similar skill-level.
  • Free selection of opponents. It's you who chooses whom you want to play with.
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Rules: Sudoku Domino

Brief description

  • Sudoku Domino is a GameDuell-developed variant of the popular Japanese knowledge game known as Sudoku.
  • Our variant differs from the original in that we provide you with the numbered tiles that you must position.


  • The player who has the most points at the end of the game wins.
  • In a specific duel, all players receive the same starting conditions and an identical sequence of numbered-tiles.
  • The game ends when:
    -  no more numbered-tiles can be placed on the board.
    -  the puzzle has been solved.
    -  three tiles have been incorrectly placed on the board.
    -  the 10-minute playing time is over.
Sudoku              Game borad

The Sudoku Board and Rules

  • The board consists of a grid containing 81 fields (9 rows and 9 columns). In addition, the board is divided into 3x3 blocks, which in turn each contain 3x3 fields.
  • The most important Sudoku rule states that each row, column and block must contain the numbers 1 to 9 exactly once.
  • Therefore, your mission is to position the numbered-tiles so that no number is repeated horizontally, vertically, or within a 3x3 block.

Setting a Numbered-Tile

  • In Sudoku Domino, you are given the numbered-tiles that must be placed.
  • Newly placed numbered-tiles will "slide" onto the board. They will continue to glide until they collide with another tile, where they will "dock". A tile that has been placed on the board can no longer be moved.
  • Orange-highlighted blocks indicate areas where you can slide a numbered-tile onto the board. If the orange markings are missing, this means that the necessary blocks to dock a tile are not present.
Sudoku          Invalid move

Sudoku          Blocked field

Invalid move and inaccessible field

  • If you dock a numbered-tile in a way that breaks the Sudoku rules, then you will lose a life. hree invalid moves will result in the game being automatically ended.The invalidly-placed tiles will disappear and you will be able to continue normal game play. You will, however, continue to receive the same numbered-tile until you have docked it properly.
  • Every Sudoku puzzle can be solved! But it is possible to cause some squares to become inaccessible by docking new tiles in certain positions. If this happens, the blocked fields will be automatically marked, and the puzzle can no longer be fully solved!
Sudoku              Joker


  • You are given two different types of jokers to help get you out of sticky situations. If you can no longer set any tiles, then click on one of the two jokers. Now you can freely place the joker.
  • Sudoku                  Grey joker

    Note: The grey joker serves only as a place-
    holder. If you complete a block using a joker, you will not receive any points for it.

    Sudoku                  Golden joker

    In contrast, blocks that are completed using a golden joker are considered fully completed. You will receive the points for the filled block, although the joker itself is worth nothing.

  • Use your jokers wisely. You will have only 4 normal and 2 golden jokers to use.
Sudoku              Score

Points and Bonuses

  • To win a duel, collect as many points as possible
  • Here is an overview of the point system:
    • Correctly positioned numbered-tile: + 5 points.
    • Docked golden joker: + 5 points.
    • Fully completed row, column, or block: Numerical value of the tile, multiplied by 10 (max. 450 points). Normal and golden jokers do not count. Careful! You will not receive a bonus for a completed element containing a normal joker!
    • Completing two elements with one tile (column AND block or row AND column): +50 bonus points.
    • Completing three elements with one tile (column AND row AND block): +100 bonus points.
    • Solving the entire puzzle: +500 bonus points (a puzzle is fully solved once all fields have been filled with numbered-tiles or jokers).
    • Time bonus: Once you solve the entire puzzle, you will receive a bonus worth the amount of the remaining time in seconds multiplied by 10.

Did you know...?

Sudoku              Did you already know...?
  • In Japanese, Sudoku literally means: "the digits must occur only once," and is derived from works of the Swiss mathematician Leonard Euler carried out in the 18th century.
  • Sudoku owes its modern popularity to The Times; the first newspaper to print the puzzles and set off a worldwide Sudoku frenzy.
  • Solving a Sudoku puzzle is always a new challenge because there are over 9 sextillion (10^21) solutions for a 9x9 board.
  • In March 2006, the first Official Sudoku World Championship took place in Italy.
  • You can find more information about Sudoku at Wikipedia.