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The GameDuell fairness guarantee
  • Equal starting conditions. Both players get the same sets, cards or levels.
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Puzzle Garden game rules

Puzzle Garden


Puzzle Garden is a magical puzzle game that carries you far away from everyday life into a dream-like glade in a wonderful, enchanted forest. Help the lively honeybee, Kaja, to plant flowers of wondrous shape and color in the ever-growing flower beds, and gather as many points as possible.

Game Components

  • Kaja: Smaller than a lily of the valley, but with the tenacity and endurance of a dandelion, that's Kaja. She is diligent, industrious and feisty, but also a bit chaotic and flakey. That's why she needs your helping hand.
  • Flowers: The flowers are placed in open flower beds by sliding, turning and planting.
  • Flower beds: The flowers are planted in the flower beds until they are completely filled and the flowers bloom in splendor.
  • Mouse pointer: By using the mouse pointer, you have control over the entire game.
  • Time: The normal playing time. You can earn extra time by filling all of the flower beds.
  • Points: Your high score and honey points are added to your account after every game and can then be used in Kaja's home, but more on that later.
  • Series bonus: Extra points for series.
  • Nectar meter: The meter gradually fills as you plant the flowers in succession without swapping the flowers. This is called a series. The more flowers you plant in succession, the higher the series bonus you receive.
  • Flowers leaf: If the flowers accompanying the current mouse pointer don't fit anywhere in the flower beds, you can always swap them here for new flowers.
  • Beehive: A container for a seemingly infinite number of flowers. Click on the hive and you are immediately offered new flowers.

The Game

  • Planting the Flowers

    The most important task in Puzzle Garden is to place the flowers in the open flower beds.

    Try to fill the flower beds by moving quickly and placing the flowers successively into the vacant flower beds. The faster you plant, the more levels you complete and the more points you gather.

  • Controlling the Flowers

    There are always flowers beside the mouse pointer, so you can plant quickly. However, if you would like different flowers, you can swap them by clicking the flowers leaf with the left mouse button.

    Puzzle Garden
    To rotate the flowers you have a few control options: Use the mouse wheel, the space bar or the arrow keys on your keyboard. Just use the method that you find most comfortable.

    NEW: Puzzle Garden introduces the use of the right mouse button to rotate the flowers.

  • The Beehive:

    Puzzle Garden
    Here you can access an abundance of new flowers. Simply click on the beehive or even directly on the flowers leaf.

    This can be particularly helpful if you need just the right flowers for a flower bed, or would like to complete a flower bed with only one flower color.

  • The Series Bonus:

    With the Series bonus, you can increase your score by planting flowers in succession. You receive the Series bonus if you do not exceed three seconds for each of the flowers planted and do not use the flowers leaf or the beehive for new flowers. Even an accidental click will end the Series bonus, for example, trying to plant into a flower bed section that is already occupied; so be careful.

    Puzzle Garden
    After ten successively planted flowers, the maximum range bonus on the nectar meter is reached.

    The Series bonus is calculated as follows:
    First Flowers placed
    Score + 10 Points
    x 1
    Second Flowers placed
    Score + 10 Points
    x 2
    Third Flowers placed
    Score + 10 Points
    x 3
    Tenth Flowers placed
    Score + 10 Points
    x 10
  • The Color Bonus:

    Achieve even higher scores by filling the flower beds with only one flower color. The Color bonus tripled the regular points for a full flower bed.

  • Points Table
    Successfully planted flowers
    10 Points
    Level completed
    2500 Points
    Small flower beds
    100 - 200 Points
    Medium flower beds
    300 - 500 Points
    Large flower beds
    500 - 1500 Points
    Color bonus
    Flower bed points x 3

Kaja's Honeycomb

  • After each Puzzle Garden game you enter Kaja's cozy little honeycomb and have the opportunity to check out her life and many activities. All of your accumulated points will be converted into honey, which you can use to decorate and furnish Kaja's place step by step.
  • Accompany Kaja as she moves in, help her to transform her house into a beautiful home and get to know her and her pets. After all, it's not every day you have the chance to be the guest of a bee!

Tips and Strategies

  • Don't spend too much time thinking and try to plant the flowers quickly.
  • Fill in all of the flower beds rapidly. After each flower bed is filled, you receive some helpful extra time.
  • To receive more extra points and time, try to occasionally fill in the flower beds with only one flower color.
  • In addition to using the space bar, you can also rotate the flowers in both directions with the mouse wheel, allowing you to save time.