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  • Fair matching. You can only play against opponents that have a similar skill-level.
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Potion Panic Game Rules

Potion Panic

Potion panic is an enthralling combination game in which two figures engage in a magical duel. Slip into the role of the wise magician or the impulsive witch and try to put a hex on your opponent!

Object of the Game

Swap game tiles on the game field to form same colored groups. This will allow you to brew potions that will reduce your opponent's energy to zero.

How to Play

Potion panic is played only with the mouse. Use the left mouse button to swap two adjacent flasks. In order to swap two adjacent flasks, first click on one flask and pull it in the direction of the other.

Game Elements

The following is a short explanation of Potion Panic's key elements:

1 Magic Mirror

Along with your name and reflection, the magic mirror shows you your remaining energy.

2 Flasks

The normal game tiles in Potion Panic are called flasks. They come in 6 different colors. Form a group of at least 3 same colored flasks and you obtain an ingredient.

3 Skull Flasks

Along with the normal flasks are rare skull flasks. Combine these in a group to reduce your opponent's energy.

4 Energy

This is the energy that your figure has at his or her disposal during a magical duel. If it sinks to zero, the game ends.

5 Shelf

All the ingredients you collect are kept on your shelf. Whenever the shelf is full, your character brews a magic potion that reduces your opponent's energy.

6 Cauldron

This is the large pot where the ingredients are combined and transformed into a magical potion.

7 Your Character

You choose one of two figures at the beginning of the game: the magician or the witch. Your choice has no influence on the outcome of the game.

How to Play

A round of Potion Panic is explained in the following:

Choice of Characters

As soon as the game has loaded, you can choose your character:

Potion Panic

The magician is academically trained and brews his potion according to precise formulas.
Potion Panic

The witch is more intuitive. She lets her nose guide her when brewing her potions.

Your choice of figure has no impact on the outcome of the game. Your decision therefore brings neither advantages nor disadvantages.

Basic Principle

In Potion Panic, you swap adjacent game tiles on the game field in order to form groups of same colored flasks. Click first on one flask and pull it in the direction of the other in order to swap the two.

Potion Panic

Once you have formed a group, the flasks disappear from the game field. In their place, an ingredient with a corresponding color appears on your shelf. Each player takes turns doing this.

A group must contain at least 3 flasks located directly next to each other either vertically or horizontally. Diagonal and corner connections do not count.

Potion Panic

Whenever the shelf is full, your character brews a powerful magic potion that causes your opponent to lose energy.

Time per Turn

You have 5 seconds for each of your turns. As your turn nears its end, your magic mirror will begin to blink red.
Careful: if you are unable to form any groups during your turn, you lose 4 energy points!

Skull Flasks

Potion Panic

Along with the normal flasks are the rare skull flasks or skulls. They can be swapped with other game tiles just like the normal flasks. If you are able to form them into groups, your opponent will lose some of his or her energy.

Larger Groups

Form larger groups of flasks or skulls in order to gain other advantages:

Potion Panic

Form a group of 4 same colored game tiles and, along with the corresponding ingredient, you get an extra turn!
This means you get another turn directly after this one and can swap another game tile.

Potion Panic

Form a group of 5 same colored game tiles and, along with the corresponding ingredient, you get an extra turn!
In addition, 3 random game tiles on the game field transform into skulls.

Chain Reaction

Every time you collect a group, new game tiles fall into the game field from above. In this way, a chain reaction can form - so-called combos. The player can continue to play during the falling of the tiles and their combination.

Groups formed through combos function in the same way as groups formed by you.

Development of the Characters

You can improve your characters in Potion Panic over time. Each magic potion that you brew increases your power:

Potion Panic

If you brew enough magic potions in the game, the level of both figures increases!

Potion Panic
Potion Panic

At the third level of development, the appearance of your character begins to change. His or her increased power becomes more and more visible, seeping from every pore ...

Overview of the Action

The following illustrates the various actions in Potion Panic and their effects:

Clear a group of flasks
Receive an ingredient
Clear a group of skulls
Your opponent loses 2 energy points per skull
Clear a group of 4 flasks
Get an extra turn
Clear a group of 5 flasks
Extra turn and 3 skulls appear on the game field
Collect all 6 ingredients
Your opponent loses 10 energy points
Time for your move runs out
Your own character loses 4 energy points

How the Game Ends

As soon as a character's energy sinks to zero, the game ends immediately.


  • It's your turn when the border of the game field lights up.
  • Making quick combinations and planning ahead are crucial in Potion Panic! Start planning your moves during your opponent's turn.
  • If you are unable to find any of the ingredients you need, try taking an ingredient your opponent needs!