GameDuell Fairness Guarantee
The GameDuell fairness guarantee
  • Equal starting conditions. Both players get the same sets, cards or levels.
  • Fair matching. You can only play against opponents that have a similar skill-level.
  • Free selection of opponents. It's you who chooses whom you want to play with.
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Polar Stars game rules

Play Polar Stars online at GameDuell. Take a trip to the North Pole and reveal constellations. Play Polar Stars for free at GameDuell and show off your ice-cool skills.


The object of Polar Stars is to clear groups of like-colored stars , revealing the smaller, white pointer stars. Additional points can be scored by totally clearing the board.

Object of the game

  • Click a group of two or more like-colored stars to clear them from the screen.
  • Uncover all white pointer stars to reveal a constellation. After doing so, you can enter the next level.
  • Try to clear the entire board to earn extra points.

How to play

  • In each of the 4 levels, you must reveal a constellation in order to proceed to the next level.
  • To do so, you must uncover all of the white pointing stars. A star is considered to be uncovered when there is no colored star behind it. Once all pointing stars have been uncovered, you can advance to the next level by clicking on the wooden sign in the right corner of the board.
    Polar Stars
  • It's usually best to continue clearing stars and attempt to clear the board even after the wooden sign has appeared. A totally cleared board will earn you even more points.
  • If you beat the fourth level, then you will advance to a bonus round!

Time and Scoring

You have 4 minutes to complete the game.
Points are awarded as follows:

Clearing a star: You receive 50 points for each star cleared.

Completing a level: You receive 10,000 points for each level you complete.

Totally clearing a level: You receive 3,000 extra points if you manage to totally clear a level.

Joker bonus: You receive 500 points for each remaining joker at the end of each level.

Ultra-pop: If you clear a group of stars containing more than 10 stars, then the total points for that group will be doubled .

Mega-pop: If you clear a group of stars containing more than 20 stars, then the total points for that group will be tripled .


Some stars contain a joker icon. You can collect one of four different jokers by clearing one of these stars. The jokers can then be used to clear the board. Unused jokers will earn you extra points, so it's best to complete levels without them.

Polar Stars

Star shooter:

This joker clears a single star.

Polar Stars

Horizontal shooting star:

This joker can be used to clear an entire row of stars.

Polar Stars

Vertical shooting star:

This joker can be used to clear an entire column of stars.

Polar Stars

Shuffle joker:

This joker can be used to shuffle all stars on the board.

Bonus round

You have the chance to use your speed to earn even more points in the bonus round. Unlike the other 4 levels, new stars will continually fill the board in the bonus round, which can be used to create mega-pops and earn more points.

Tips & Tricks

  • A good strategy is worth more than speed. Take your time and plan the best path to clear all stars in a level. One way to do this is by clearing all stars of a specific color first.
  • Always keep an eye out for big groups of stars. Mega-pops (groups of 10 or more stars) are worth twice as much as smaller groups.
  • Use your jokers wisely. Sometimes it's better to simply jump to the next level and claim the joker bonus. If you have already cleared all pointing stars in a level, then it is generally only wise to use the jokers if you can totally clear the board in doing so.