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GameDuell Fairness Guarantee
The GameDuell fairness guarantee
  • Equal starting conditions. Both players get the same sets, cards or levels.
  • Fair matching. You can only play against opponents that have a similar skill-level.
  • Free selection of opponents. It's you who chooses whom you want to play with.
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Marbles of Olympus rules

Marbles of Olympus              game board


Zeus, the king of the ancient Greek gods, challenges you to a thrilling duel. He will pit you against a different mythological figure for each of the four elements. In order to progress, you will need speed, skill and strategy. The marbles of fate roll continuously towards the exit. Your aim is to clear the lines of marbles before they reach the exit. Two or more marbles of the same colour next to each other can be cleared by shooting a marble of the same colour next to them.

Zeus is aware of man's imperfections and shows mercy by offering him the "Wheel of the Gods" and other extras which can be collected. This allows the possibility to influence the result of this uneven battle.

The aim of the game

  • Remove lines of two or more like-coloured marbles by shooting marbles of the corresponding colour at them.
  • Clear a complete line of marbles before it reaches the exit, therefore ending the game.
  • Clear all lines of marbles in order to reach the next level.
  • If you manage to complete all three levels in the allotted time, you reach the fourth level where you can score lots of points.


You control the marble catapult, at the bottom of the screen, with your mouse. You fire a marble by clicking the mouse. This marble will travel upwards until it makes contact with other marbles.

Marbles of Olympus              controls

The big marble in the catapult is fired by clicking the mouse. Below you can see a preview of the next marble which will be available after your current shot.
You can switch between these two marbles by pressing the space bar. Exchanging marbles is often useful. You can also temporarily save an extra you've collected by pressing the space bar. You can switch marbles with the space bar as often as you like; it doesn't cost any points.


Marbles of Olympus              cascade

A cascade is also known as a chain-reaction which is cleared with just one shot and continues on its own. In order to activate a cascade, you have to clear a line of marbles which has like-coloured marbles at either side. If the line of marbles in the middle is cleared, a new line of marbles forms and is also cleared. The more steps to the cascade, the more points are scored.
In the image displayed two cascades can be made by either clearing the two blue marbles at the right-hand side between the red marbles or by clearing the three blue marbles at the left-hand side between the yellow marbles.

The Wheel of the Gods

Marbles of Olympus              the Wheel of the Gods

The Wheel of the Gods can be found in a different position in each level. The wheel has five different coloured chambers. Your task is to fill the wheel by shooting the correct marble into the chamber which is currently facing downwards. You can shoot whichever colour you like into a rainbow-coloured chamber.

The sooner you fill the chambers of the wheel, the quicker you can reach the next level.
Once the 'Wheel of the Gods' is full, Zeus stops sending lines of marbles as long as the minimum amount of lines for the particular level has been cleared. As soon as you clear the last marble, you reach the next level.

However, even if you don't fill the wheel with marbles, you can still reach the next level - you are simply faced with more marbles.


You can receive "extras" for a variety of actions. These extras are useful and are rewarded with additional points.

NB: The extras can only be used if you collect the corresponding symbol with your catapult when it falls.

The extras consist of:

Marbles of Olympus                  move slower
The lines of marbles move slower for a few seconds.

Marbles of Olympus                  stop
The lines of marbles stop completely for a few seconds.

Marbles of Olympus                  move backwards
The lines of marbles move backwards for a few seconds.

Marbles of Olympus                  rainbow-ball
The rainbow-ball stands for each colour. You can therefore clear two groups at the same time.

Marbles of Olympus                  bomb
With the bomb you clear all marbles around the point where the marble hits.

Marbles of Olympus                  paint brush
With the paint brush, you paint all marbles within an area in just one colour. Clearing large lines gives you extra points.

Marbles of Olympus                  bolt of lightning
With the bolt of lightning you can clear all marbles directly vertical of the catapult.

Marbles of Olympus                  color-bomb
The colour-bomb clears all marbles of a particular colour from the screen.

The extras won't always appear in the order shown above. Some extras are only available in certain levels or through particular actions.

Points and Strategy

"Marbles of Olympus" rewards a variety of actions with points and bonuses. In order to achieve high scores there are different strategies. In general, there are two strategies:
  • Reach the next level as soon as possible in order to receive the level bonus, time bonus and sharpshooter bonus.
  • Create as many cascades and as many lines of marbles as possible in order to collect points.

The points system has been developed based on these strategies. The following table lists the points and bonuses for each level. The order relates to the weighting of the points for the overall score.

Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
Level bonus
For reaching the next level
Cascade bonus
By clearing one line, a chain-reaction is initiated in which other groups are cleared
250 to 5.000
350 to 6.000
450 to 7.000
550 to 8.000
Cleared marbles
For each marble within a line which is cleared
Accuracy bonus
A percentage showing how many marbles you managed to shoot next to like-coloured marbles
The "Wheel of the Gods"
Filling all chambers with the corresponding marbles
For each line which is completely cleared
Time bonus
For each level there is a target time. If you beat this time, you receive bonus points for each second under this time.
For each extra you collect
Long lines
The longer the line you clear, the more points you receive
100 to 500
200 to 600
300 to 700
400 to 800
Bonus points for clearing a group which is far away from the exit

Tips and tricks to score lots of points

  • As the time is restricted, try to score as many points as possible in the allotted time.
  • In higher levels you can score more points but it is also more and more difficult not to lose the level due to marbles reaching the exit. Try to score the amount of points in each level which corresponds to your skill level.
  • If you fill the "Wheel of the Gods" quicker, you will reach the next level sooner.
  • Longer cascades are worth more points. Therefore, try to arrange the marbles so that you can set off a long cascade with just one shot.
  • The fourth level cannot be completed by mere mortals. However, there are rumours that the gods have an "Achilles heel" which theoretically makes it possible to complete this level. No one has, however, managed this thus far. As more and more lines of marbles keep coming in the last level, lots of points can be scored.