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Game rules "Jungle Jewels"

Jungle Jewels              Game board

Aim of the game

  • Swap jewels vertically or horizontally to form groups of three or more same-colored jewels.
  • Complete the tasks by clearing the required number of rows of a color.
  • Move the coins to the bottom row of the playing field to complete the mask.

How to play

You can swap jewels horizontally or vertically to form groups of 3 or more same-colored jewels.

Jungle Jewels                  swap horizontally
Jungle Jewels                  swap vertically

Please note

  • You cannot swap tiles diagonally
  • Only adjacent jewels can be swapped

A group of same-colored jewels disappears from the game board and new jewels appear.

The game is designed so that there are always valid combinations. If no further combinations are possible, the playing field empties itself and refills automatically with new jewels.

If you don't manage to form a group in 10 seconds, you receive a tip indicating a possible combination.

Jungle Jewels                  Hint

This tip is "free"; no points are deducted for it.


There are two ways to swap jewels

  • Click on the jewel > Hold down the mouse button > Drag the jewel in the desired direction
  • Click on the jewel > Release the mouse button > Move the mouse in the desired direction

The tasks

The basic aim of the game is to complete tasks. A task is comprised of forming the required amount of rows of a color.

The color of the jewel and the required amounts are displayed in the top left corner.

Jungle Jewels                  Tasks

Each task is comprised of sub-tasks. In the example shown the task is comprised of 4 sub-tasks, 8 x red, 8 x green, 6 x blue and 6 x brown.

The transparent gray jewels display how many rows of each color must be formed. Rows which have already been formed are displayed as opaque jewels. If a sub-task is completed, the corresponding row disappears.

You can see the total number of tasks in a particular level above where the tasks are displayed.

Jungle Jewels                  tTtal number of tasks

Orange areas are normal tasks; yellow areas are bonus tasks (see below). The mask symbol shows you how many tasks have already been completed and how many are still to be completed.

The coins

Jungle Jewels                  Coins

As soon as a task has been completed a coin appears at the top of the screen.

In order to reach the next level you must move all coins to the bottom row of the game board by clearing the jewels below the coins.

The higher the level, the more coins you have to move to the bottom of the screen.

Tip: The coin appears in the column where the last row was formed completing the task. There is, however, an exception to this rule: If a row is completed in either the far left, or far right column, the column next to this will be chosen. Coins therefore never fall in the outer columns.

The masks

Jungle Jewels                  Masks

For each coin which you manage to move to the bottom of the screen a segment of the wall will be turned over, uncovering a part of the mask. You reach the next level as soon as the mask is completely revealed. In each level, the number of segments per mask will increase.

Help? No problem!

You will discover that it's not at all easy to move the coins to the bottom of the screen. Therefore we have created three helpful extras which make the tasks easier.

The bombs

If you form groups of 4 same-colored jewels or form two groups of 3 same-colored jewels with one combination (see below), the jewel used to form this group will transform into a bomb.

Jungle Jewels                  3-tile series
Jungle Jewels                  3-tile series

Jungle Jewels                  4-tile series

Jungle Jewels                  Bomb

If you form a combination later including the bomb, the bomb explodes. All adjacent jewels (a total of 9 jewels) will be removed from the playing field.

Tip: You can start a chain-reaction as an exploding bomb also activates bombs which are adjacent.

The joker

Jungle Jewels                  Joker

If it seems that no more combinations are possible, the joker is often your last resort. The joker removes all jewels in a particular row and column in one go.

If you use a joker in a column containing a coin, the coin falls to the bottom of the screen and a segment of the mask is activated.

You receive a joker as a reward for completing the bonus task which can be found in each level.

Tip: The joker carries over to the next level. You also receive a lot of bonus points if you do NOT use the joker. You should therefore only use the joker if you cannot move the coin to the bottom of the screen.

Jungle Jewels                  activate joker

The color joker

You receive a color joker for forming groups of 5 jewels.

Jungle Jewels                  5-tile series

Jungle Jewels                  Color joker

The color joker remains in the game board. As soon as you swap it with an adjacent jewel, all jewels of this color will be completely removed from the playing field.

Tip: Jewels which are removed by the color joker also count towards the tasks.

Level & Time

The game has 4 levels. Each new level has an increasing number of tasks, and the individual tasks become more difficult. The total playing time to begin with is 240 seconds.

However, for each coin which you manage to move to the bottom of the screen you receive a time bonus of up to 20 seconds. You can therefore increase the overall playing time by a considerable amount.

Once the time has run out, the game is over.


Group of 3
Group of 4
Group of 5
Completing a sub-task
Coin reaching the bottom
500 for the first coin
1,000 for the second coin
1,500 for the third coin etc.
Level completed
3,000 for Level 1
6,000 for Level 2
9,000 for Level 3
12,000 for Level 4
Level completed without using the joker
4,500 for Level 1
9,000 for Level 2
13,500 for Level 3
18,000 for Level 4

Tips & Strategies

  • Above all, concentrate on completing the tasks.
  • As soon as coins appear in the playing field, your topmost aim should be to move the coins to the bottom of the screen.
  • Use color jokers and bombs to move the coins to the bottom of the screen if it is not possible by swapping them normally.
  • Only use the joker if it is not otherwise possible as you receive lots of bonus points for completing a level without using the joker.