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The GameDuell fairness guarantee
  • Equal starting conditions. Both players get the same sets, cards or levels.
  • Fair matching. You can only play against opponents that have a similar skill-level.
  • Free selection of opponents. It's you who chooses whom you want to play with.
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Game rules Dragon Click


The object of Dragon Click is to clear groups of like-colored blocks and get the letters to the bottom of the screen. You receive extra points for collecting the letters in the correct order and for clearing the entire game board of blocks.

Dragon Click              Game board

Object of the Game

  • Click groups of two or more blocks of the same color to clear them from the screen and collect points.
  • Bring the letter blocks to the bottom of the game board in order to get to next level.
  • Clear the letter blocks in the right order and clear all blocks from the game board for huge bonus points.

How to reach the next level

There are five stages (levels) in Dragon Click. The first levels are relatively simple because there are only three varying colors to clear. The third, fourth and fifth levels introduce additional block colors.

Dragon Click              Next level
  • There are several lamps on the right-hand side, containing letters. All of these lamps need to be lit in order to get to the next level.
  • The lamps always spell a word. Collect the letter blocks in the correct order and you will receive a huge bonus.
Dragon Click              Word order
  • Once you have lit all of the lamps it's time to focus on clearing all of the blocks from the game board. If you can manage to clear it completely, then you will get another big bonus.
Dragon Click              Extra bonus
  • If you clear all 5 levels before the time runs out, you will get a big surprise!


  • Clicking Blocks

    You receive points for each group of like-colored blocks you clear. This depends directly on the number of blocks in the group, i.e.: 5 points for a group of 5 blocks. The number of points per. block increases with each level.
Dragon Click              Blue field
  • Clicking Large Groups

    For clearing large groups of blocks you receive bonus points. In the example below, if you were to clear the yellow and red blocks, they would give way to a large group of blue coins, which would in turn be worth more extra points.
  • Color Series

    You can score even more points by clearing as many color series as possible. A color series is attained when you clear several groups of the same color blocks consecutively. The color and length of the current series is displayed when you clear the blocks. A color series in a higher level is worth much more than in the lower levels.
  • Collecting Letters

    To advance to the next level you need to collect all of the letters and light all of the lamps. You will be rewarded with points for each letter you collect. You will be rewarded with more bonus points for each letter collected in the correct order If you collect all letters in the correct order you will be rewarded with a huge bonus.
Dragon Click              Collecting letter blocks
  • Clear the board

    If you manage to clear the entire board of blocks, then you will receive an "All Clear Bonus" .
Dragon Click              All clear bonus
  • Level Time Bonus

    You have the opportunity to claim 2 bonuses at the end of each level. First there is Time Bonus which is worth more the faster you complete a level.
  • Level Gold Coins Bonus

    The second bonus is Gold Coins which is the amount of gold coins you collect in a level. You can only collect gold coins if a column is totally cleared of blocks.
Dragon Click              Gold coins bonus

ChopSticks and Rainbow blocks

  • ChopSticks

  • Chop sticks can be collected by clicking away the chopstick blocks. The chopsticks will then be stored at the bottom of the screen.

    Note that you can carry over your chopsticks from level to level.
Dragon Click              ChopSticks
  • The ChopSticks can be used to remove single blocks when you are in trouble.
Dragon Click              get the ChopSticks
  • Rainbow blocks

    These blocks changes color each time you click away blocks. These can be a bit tricky but they can also be of great help if you know how to use them.
Dragon Click              Rainbow blocks
  • Shuffle Button

    If you ever get in real trouble you can hit the shuffle button at the left side of the screen. Drago will then shake the game board and mix up the blocks giving, you new opportunities for combos. Remember, you can only use this once.
Dragon Click              Shuffle button

Tips & Tricks

  • The best way to earn the biggest points is by carefully planning your click strategy to sink all letters in the correct order. This will give you both a higher bonus per letter and a bigger bonus at the end.
  • Time = big points. The faster you complete a level the more points you will score with the level bonus
  • Get to levels 4 and 5 as quickly as possible. You will receive a lot more points for bonuses, letters and blocks in these levels.
  • Save your chopsticks for level 4 and 5. These levels are much harder and yield a lot more points if you can complete them.
  • If you manage to complete the 5th level before you run out of time, then you will be rewarded with a special bonus round!