GameDuell Fairness Guarantee
The GameDuell fairness guarantee
  • Equal starting conditions. Both players get the same sets, cards or levels.
  • Fair matching. You can only play against opponents that have a similar skill-level.
  • Free selection of opponents. It's you who chooses whom you want to play with.
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Game rules Bubble Speed

Bubble Speed              Spielfeld


The aim of Bubble Speed is to shoot the bubbles upwards and to collect as many diamonds as possible. In order to do this, you must shoot the bubbles so that you form groups of 3 or more same-colored bubbles. You should attempt to release the next diamond as soon as possible as you receive 10 extra seconds for each diamond.

The playing field

  • The cannon which is used to shoot the bubbles can be found at the bottom of the screen.
  • At the start of the game, you have 35 seconds which can be extended by collecting the diamonds.
  • Next to the helmet at the left side of the screen, you can see which colour will come next.

Aim of the game

  • Clear as many bubbles and diamonds as possible.
  • You play until the time has run out. In contrast to other games where you “play through” the game, in Bubble Speed the aim is to play for as long as possible by collecting as many diamonds as possible in order to get extra time.
  • The more diamonds you collect, the more playing time you have and therefore the more points you score.


  • Aim in the direction in which you would like to shoot with the mouse pointer.
  • You can shoot the bubbles in the cannon by clicking with the left mouse button.
  • Rather than trying to shoot the bubbles closer to the cannon, try to shoot those further away as this releases larger bubble groups.
  • Bubbles which cannot be shot at directly can often be reached by bouncing the bubble off a wall.
Bubble Speed


  • On the playing field, there are several diamonds surrounded by bubbles.
  • 10 extra seconds will be added to your time for each diamond you collect. Diamonds count as collected once they have been released from all bubbles.
  • You receive 3,000 points for each diamond you collect.
  • The diamonds which you collect in duels for real funds are added together. Collecting these enables you to unlock hidden characters on the results page.

Time and points

  • Time: You have 35 seconds at the start. You can earn extra time for every diamond that you collect.

The remaining time is reflected by a boat on the right side of the screen which moves from the bottom to the top of the screen as the time runs out. The boat sinks a bit lower every time you collect a diamond. As soon as the boat reaches the finishing line at the top of the screen, the game is over.

Bubble Speed              Finishing line
  • Points: Each bubble which is popped is worth 100 points.
  • Release bonus: Each bubble which is not directly destroyed but is simply released from the cluster scores you extra bonus points. You can cause bubbles to fall by popping the bubbles above. The bonus increases based on the amount of bubbles in the cluster group which falls.
1 Bubble:
100 points
2 Bubbles:
200 points
3 Bubbles:
300 points
4 Bubbles:
400 points
5 Bubbles:
600 points
6 Bubbles:
800 points
7 Bubbles:
1,000 points
8 Bubbles:
1,300 points
9 Bubbles:
1,600 points
10 Bubbles:
1,800 points
11 Bubbles:
2,200 points
12 Bubbles:
2,600 points
13 Bubbles:
3,000 points
14 Bubbles:
3,400 points
15+ Bubbles:
5,000 points
(Bubble Mania)
  • Bubblemania: If you cause 15 or more bubbles to fall with a single shot, you will get 5,000 bonus points!

Hints and tips

In Bubble Speed it’s not so important to position your shots as exactly as possible. In the end, it doesn’t matter how many shots you use to collect the diamonds as you have an unlimited amount of shots.

It’s more important to shoot quickly and to ensure that you release the next diamond before the time has run out. It’s therefore important to check each time how you can release the next diamond as soon as possible.

Don’t just shoot the bubbles at the bottom of the playing field. You can often create a “tunnel” or pop bubbles at the top of the screen by using the walls. Doing this may clear a larger bubble cluster.