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Classic Solitaire Game

Pyramid is a classic Solitaire game that remains a perfect pastime entertainment to this day. There are several options available to play Pyramid online, as many players find that it is a very entertaining game that they can easily play daily. The purpose of the game is extremely easy. Players have to outwit the system and remove all the cards from the pyramid. The game presents a standard deck of 52 cards, 28 of which are in the three pyramid shapes, 23 which are face down below the pyramids, one which is face up to begin with, and one joker. Playing Pyramid might seem remarkably simple but it can be tricky to choose the best moves to form a series, in order to receive the most points.

How to be in control of the game

The Pyramid game requires a tactful approach so that players can eliminate all the cards to reach the next level. Players should be aware of all possible moves before removing cards.








Playing Pyramid online gives players the chance to play against others, while improving their own skills. Players must start at the bottom row and try to dismantle the pyramids in four minutes. Each card revealed allows players more options for removing cards and forming series. In order to remove a card, players must use the mouse to click on a card in the pyramid which is either one more or one less than the value of the face up card. Each card removed from the pyramid gives points.


Pyramid has a joker card that can be laid on the waste pile in order to place any card on it when there are no other options. When playing Pyramid the secret is to maintain a series to gain maximum points. Players can stay in control when playing Pyramid by using their skills to remove the cards rather than focusing completely on speed.

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