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Mahjong Flowers

Classic Healing Game

Mahjong Flowers is a Chinese game that requires a lot of talent, strategy, and assessment. The game is powerful and exciting and creates a lot of anxiety. It requires players to identify and clear tiles that have similar symbols and clear the playing field in a limited amount of time. To clear tiles, players have to select one tile and then quickly find and click on another tile that has an identical symbol to clear them from the field. Players must ensure that no other tile is blocking or covering it from either sides or it should be able to move freely on all sides. Mahjong Flowers benefits individuals suffering from dementia, cognitive and memory difficulties.

How to play the game

Players must form a series in order to score high marks. Forming a longer series is highly recommended since this strategy allows players to be in control of the game. Mahjong Flowers does not necessarily depend on the fast movements of the player, but on how well they create a series without interrupting them.






However, time is of essence. Longer series that cannot be broken after completing a level or missing tiles help players save some time. Series also offer bonuses if they are not broken in the course of the game. Each cleared pair is worth 20 points. Mahjong Flowers has 40 symbols divided into different Chinese characters.


To select a tile, players must move their cursor by moving their mouse in the direction of the tile, point, and click on the tile. To de-select players must click again on the tile. To score as many points as possible, players must ensure that any move made will not break the series, since the game does not allow players to repeat moves after clearing their fields. Players can abort the game by clicking on the X button.

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