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Jewel Splash

Unique Adventure Game

Jewel Splash is a game that tests individual ability; the Jungle Jewels game requires players to be first in solving tasks. Playing Jungle Jewels provides a lot of fun and adventure. The game has four levels, which increase in difficulty upon completion of each level. Players simply have to complete tasks by swapping jewels. Players should be fast enough to prevent the water timer from flowing to the top. Tactical swapping of special jewels causes the water levels to drop.

How to Play the Game

To play Jungle Jewels, players need to form 3 or more groups of jewels that consist of the same color. Players can only swap adjacent jewels horizontally or vertically. Each move has a time limit of 10 seconds, after which the game provides free tips on possible combinations. A new set of jewels appear after successfully forming groups of jewels. In the Jungle Jewels game, there are always possible combinations for all players. However, if there are no more combinations available the Jewels Splash game replaces all the fields with new jewels. The possible color combinations appear on the top left corner of the Jewel Splash screen.


Jungle Jewels tests players’ skill levels and they must make sure that when choosing the duel options that their opponents have similar skill levels. Jewel Splash has two methods of control. Players can use the mouse button to drag and drop the jewels or simply click on the jewels and the move the mouse in the desired direction, usually horizontally or vertically.


Players earn points according to the groups of colors formed. The maximum number of groups formed is 5, which gives the highest points. There are Jungle Jewels free games available online for any interested parties. The rules are simple; always focus on completing the tasks on all the four levels.

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