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Card & Board Games

Animal Maze

Stay focused: move your way through the labyrinth and free the animals.


The most popular multiplayer card game! Play your cards right and win big.

Solitaire Harmony

Solitaire in the Middle Ages. In this version, you only draw one card at a time.


Choosing the right strategy is the deciding factor in winning this variation of Solitaire.


Place all tiles! Skillfully place and move tiles in this exciting multiplayer game.

Cleopatra's Pyramid

Royal combinations: Solve the pyramids and make the longest possible series of cards.

Lame Duck

Like water off a duck's back! In this fast paced card game, the winner is the player with the least minus points!


Play the most popular version of Solitaire and show off your skills.

Maya Pyramid

Make combinations with Maya! Form as many groups of 11 as you can and break through to the mystical treasure trove!

Oh Hell

Simple and fast: Bid how many tricks you'll get and beat your opponents!

Spider Pro

The variation of Spider with 4 suits. A game for real pros.

Spider Light

The beginners version of Spider is played with only one suit.


Bring your pawns safely to your goal. The right moves lead to success!


Exciting variation of solitaire. Get rid of all 3 pyramids of cards as fast as possible.

Zoo 21

Calling all clever foxes: Sort the cards and feed the hungry zoo animals!

Roll 5

The thrilling dice game with a strategic twist.

Crazy Eights

The quick card game for young and old. Guaranteed thrills to the very last second!


Snuggle up with a hot cup of tea and a heartwarming round of “Hearts”.


Solitaire in the Wild West. Correctly arrange the playing cards on the saloon table.

Solitaire classic

The classic card game. Move cards in the correct order: Ace, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, Jack, Queen, and King.

Action Games

Balloon Blast

In the circus ring, players take turns using the cannon to shoot down as many balloons as possible and decrease their opponent's energy.

Bubble Deluxe

Don’t sink! Form color groups as quickly as possible. Collect boosts and show off your high scores.

Bubble Popp

Dive into the colourful coral world and burst all the bubbles.

Fossil Fever

Don't turn into stone! Quickly form color groups, collect fossils and uncover colossal dinosaur skeletons.

Jewel Splash

Complete the tasks and combine the special jewels in order to open the mysterious treasure chest!

Potion Panic

Collect ingredients quickly to fire up your opponent with a spectacular magic potion!

Puzzle Garden

Play this puzzle game like a busy little bee and show the world your green thumb!


Shift rows of like-coloured birdies to set them free.

Capt'n Torch

Full speed ahead! Click quickly on the diamond groups to spark the fire mode.

Dragon Click

Clear the blocks! Collect the letters! A reason to rejoice for all fans of clickgames!

Maya Whiz

Click the cards so the sum is 11 in the speedy game of Maya Whiz. Featuring lots of great extras!

Jungle Jewels

Form groups of 3 valuable jewels in the mysterious Asian temple.

Bubble Speed

Hurry up: shoot bubbles, form groups of bubbles and collect the diamonds as fast as you can!


The hit game from Asia in which you must match tiles to clear them from the game board.

Mahjong Flowers

Clear the screen of tiles. A surprise will be awaiting you after the third level.

Polar Stars

Journey to the center of the ice: Clear colourful stars to reveal constellations!

9-Ball Solo

The legendary bar game with cue and spin feature. How many times can you pocket all nine balls?

8-Ball Pool

Real 8-ball pool! Real players! Realistic but still easy to control.


Build rows around the globe and become a worldwide jetsetter all the way to Moscow!


Challenging Breakout variation with 6 levels. Clear all the blocks and rebound the ball through the hole.

Marbles of Olympus

Marbles continuously roll through ancient labyrinths - stop the flow!


Rapid reaction game. Swap items to form lines of 3, 4, or 5 identical items.

Soccer Match

Timeout for soccer fans: build a strong line of defence from 3 or more identical tiles!

Captain Click

Blast away the same-colored coins to sink the treasure chest.


Good eyes and great aiming are the deciding factor in darts.


Are you good at combining? Then prove your abilites and become a Q-Bust champion.

Pirate Ships

Live action Battleship: thrilling naval battles beneath the skull and crossbones.